A story of one man’s struggle to overcome adversity in his life. The true story also contrasts to factors now and if it is possible to reach those same dreams this individual had it 50’s and 60’s.
Captions for illustration are the same captions used in the book.
Illustrated Book Front and Back Cover
Illustrated Book Front and Back Cover
Front Book Cover
Front Book Cover

The main artery for the southwest side of the city was Geddes Street. Everything in my life revolved around Geddes Street. You could easily walk the distance of Geddes Street

The house on Grant Avenue had an architecture that submitted to the will of the steep hill

As the warm days of summer gave way to the cold, clear, nippy days of fall, we would throw large sticks to knock the spikes horse chestnuts from the tree which we would collect and put in pillow case sacks

My MG was a British racing green convertible with wire wheels and with the top down it was very sharp. It was, perhaps, the smallest legal car on the road

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