About Anne Smoral


Anne Smoral specializes in Graphic Design and Illustration, and holds a BFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. Her scope of work ranges from large-scale exhibits graphics, backdrops, installation to marketing materials. She is drawn to creating custom typography and logos. She also does work by hand and creates illustrations often incorporated into her layouts for graphic design. In her spare time, she enjoys soaking up inspiration for her Fine Art which consists of stylized portraits, animal watercolors, and experimenting with medium and different subject matter.


Artist Portrait



“During the past three years, Anne and I have worked as a team (with the Rochester Museum & Science Center staff) to complete Wildlife and Archaeological Exhibits, plus information books for Honeoye Public Library. Anne brought concepts to life though designing pages and creating numerous illustrations to turn visions into realities. She has considerable design and illustration skills, asks questions, makes suggestions and always puts the projects and others ahead of self. It is a privilege to work with Anne. I am hopeful there will be need for similar projects in the future and opportunities to work with her again.”

-Alan Stone
(enjoys civic and business projects)